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Main spec.
Important features

anti-falling device to prevent the platform falling too quickly,safe and reliable
anti-colliding device to prevent the platform lifting when the limit switch is invalid
Anchoring device on the wall, ensuring the stability of the machine
large-scale platform with overload device, suitable for all kinds of industrial control


Model MCWP2700S MCWP2000S MCWP1300S
Max.freestanding height (With full extended outriggers) 18-20m 15m 20m
Max.freestanding height(With one side extended outriggers) 13-18m 10m 15m
Max.height with top anchor 25m 25m 25m
Max.height with mast anchored 100m 100m 100m
Distance between anchors 12.5m 12.5m 12.5m
Mast sections hot-dip galvanized 1256mm 1256mm 1256mm


Model MCWP2700S MCWP2000S MCWP1300S
MAX.platform length/Loading capacity 4.1m/2700kg 4.2m/2000kg 4.2m/1300kg
MAX.platform length/Loading capacity 7.3m/2300kg 7.4m/1700kg 7.4m/1000kg
MAX.platform length/Loading capacity 10.5m/1900kg 10.5m/1400kg 10.5m/700kg
MAX.platform length/Loading capacity 13.7m/1500kg 12.5m/1200kg /
MAX.platform length/Loading capacity 16.9m/1000kg 13.75m/900kg /
Lifting speed 7m/min 6m/min 6m/min


Model MCWP2700S MCWP2000S MCWP1300S
Lifting motors 2×400V/50Hz/3.0kw/32A 2×400V/50Hz/2.2kw/32A 400V/50Hz/3.0kw/32A


Model MCWP2700S MCWP2000S MCWP1300S
Transport weight basic unit 4140kg 4140kg 3940kg
Mast sections hot-dip galvanized(Single) 82kg 82kg 82kg