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Stock Code:603338
JCPT1614DC / JCPT1612DC / JCPT1412DC
Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts ( Electric Motor Drive)
Main spec.
Working height:15.70m,15.70m & 13.80m
S.W.L:227kg,200kg &320kg
Important features
battery drive,lower noise,non-pollution,suitable for all kinds of working environment
Pothole device,Safe, reliable
unidirection extended platform and can reach work position quickly
automatic display of falut code for easy maintanence


Model JCPT1614DC JCPT1612DC JCPT1412DC
Working height 15.70m 15.70m 13.80m
Platform Floor Height 13.70m 13.70m 11.80m
Overall Length 2.84m 2.84m 2.48m
Overall Width 1.39m 1.25m 1.19m
Overall Height(Rails up) 2.59m 2.59m 2.59m
Overall Height(Rails down) 2.05m 2.05m 2.05m
Platform Size(Lengh/Widt) 2.64m×1.12m 2.64m×1.12m 2.27m×1.12m
Platform Extension Size 0.90m 0.90m 0.90m
Ground Clearance(Stowed) 0.10m 0.10m 0.10m
Ground Clearance(Raised) 0.019m 0.019m 0.019m
Wheel Base 2.22m 2.22m 1.87m


Model JCPT1614DC JCPT1612DC JCPT1412DC
S.W.L(CE/ANSI) -/227kg 200kg/- 320kg/250kg
S.W.L On Extension 113kg 113kg 113kg
Maximum Workers Number 2 2 3
Turning Radius(Inside\Outside) 0/2.70m 0/2.65m 0/2.20m
Travel Speed(Stowed) 4.0km/h 4.0km/h 4.0km/h
Travel Speed(Raised) 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h
Up/Down Speed 88/60sec 88/60sec 84/38sec
Gradeability 25% 25% 25%
Maximum Working Slope(CE/ANSI) -,2°/3° 1.5°/3°,- 1.5°/3°,2°/3°
Tyre Φ381×127mm Φ381×127mm Φ381×127mm


Model JCPT1614DC JCPT1612DC JCPT1412DC
Drive Motors 24V/1.5kW 24V/1.5kW 24V/1.5kW
Lifting Motor 24V/4.5kW 24V/4.5kW 24V/4.5kW
Betteries 4×12V/300Ah 4×12V/300Ah 4×12V/300Ah
Integrated Charger 24V/25A 24V/25A 24V/25A


Model JCPT1614DC JCPT1612DC JCPT1412DC
Gross Weight(CE) - 3180kg 2880kg
Gross Weight(ANSI) 3320kg - 3100kg

JCPT1614DC / JCPT1612DC / JCPT1412DC