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Stock Code:603338
Main spec.

Working height:12m、10.00m and 8.00m
S.W.L:250kg、300kg and 300kg

Important features

self-leveling outriggers with sensor system, LED display, safe and reliable
automatic lifting platform system to reduce machine height and easy to store
AC/DC Power system optional
Cylinder holding valve


Model GTWY12-2000 GTWY10-2000 GTWY8-2000
Working Height 12.00m 10.00m 8.00m
Platform Floor Height 10.00m 8.00m 6.00m
Overall Length 1.74m 1.52m 1.52m
Overall Width 0.81m 0.81m 0.81m
Overall Height 1.86m 1.86m 1.86m
Outrigger Footprint(L/W) 2.45m/2.34m 1.82m/1.78m 1.82m/1.78m
Platform Size(Length/Width) 1.44m×0.60m 1.21m×0.60m 1.21m×0.60m
Ground Clearance 0.07m 0.07m 0.07m
Wheel Base 1.41m 1.17m 1.17m


Model GTWY12-2000 GTWY10-2000 GTWY8-2000
S.W.L 250kg 300kg 300kg
Max. Occupants 2 2 2
Up/Down Speed 74/44sec 64/44sec 58/40sec
Tyres(Back Wheels) 8in 8in 8in
Tyres(Front Wheels) 7in 7in 7in


Model GTWY12-2000 GTWY10-2000 GTWY8-2000
Lifting Motor(AC) 110/230VAC/1.5kW 110/230VAC/1.5kW 110/230VAC/1.5kW
Lifting Motor(DC) 12VDC/2.5kW 12VDC/2.5kW 12VDC/2.5kW
Betteries 2×12V/110Ah 2×12V/100Ah 2×12V/100Ah
Integrated Charger 12V/15A 12V/15A 12V/15A


Model GTWY12-2000 GTWY10-2000 GTWY8-2000
Overall Weight 764kg/784kg 624kg/662kg 600kg/636kg