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Bauma China 2008 exhibition event
Released time:2008-12-02 13:44:53
On Nov 25th, 2008 in Shanghai early winter, it is bright sunny after rain, Known as the world top construction machinery exhibition, in the expect of numbers of engineering and construction machinery business and the keen of people of the world, the fourth China International Engineering machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles equipment exposition, the bauma China 2008 opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It was fall the curtain on 28th, lasted four days.
        First of all, congratulations to Zhejiang Machinery Co., Ltd. achieving a full success! At the same time, thanks for all the staff who spared no effort lasted a few months for the success exhibition! In this exhibition, we distributed more than 3,000 samples of the catalogue for our customers  who are interested in products in total, and face-to-face communication with the potential customers around the world more than 1,000 people . Signed the intended contract amounted to more than 80.
        Bauma China Shanghai Construction Machinery Exhibition, by virtue of the world’s most famous Munich International Expo Group brand, acting the same strain as Bauma in Germany Munich.  Enter into China since 2002, it is becoming rapidly the world’s top events in the engineering machinery industry; after three terms of development, Shanghai Bauma has become more sophisticated. It will build a good exchange trading platform for business-to-business, enterprise -to-customers. 
        It supply the international competition chance and the technical tracked with the world for China’s construction machinery industry manufacturers. For this reason, the fourth unprecedented Bauma exhibition has attracted more than 1,500 types of domestic and foreign enterprises, of which 695 are foreign-funded enterprises, specially the eight countries organized the team to exhibit, such as Spain, Finland, Romania, Germany, Britain, Italy, Russia and. This is no doubt a very good chance to study and display the results for all the types of domestic enterprises who still catch up with the advanced level in research and management.

        The Rome was not built in one day. Our aerial work platform has developed more than ten years. Hangzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, under the leading of Mr. Xu , from the production of simple hand tools to start and continue to rely on the scientific and technological innovation and reform, closely follow the market demand, actively develop new types of products , fast becoming a domestic certainly has the international competitiveness of enterprises; Since 2006 for the first time to participate in Bauma Show in Shanghai China, Mr. Xu view all the prospects, by virtue of international competition experience for many years and a acuity insight into the market, to build the Chinese brands in the field of aerial work platform as the company’s future development goals. To achieve this goal, the company actively introduce various types of professional and technical personnel, up and down together, have successfully developed a series of high-altitude platform: Self-Propelled Telescopic Boom lifts, Articulating Boom lifts, Self-Propelled Scissor lifts, Electric Aluminium Work Platform and Mast Climbing Work Platform, totally five aerial work platform series, covering thirty types specifications of aerial work platform products used indoor and outdoor.
        For this exhibition,we rent a booth of 600㎡ at the cost of 1200,000 RMB,and the exhibition hall built by domestic sales fully showed the fruit of general manager,the colleague of Tech. Dept. and workshop through a whole year's hard work.Including:3 new outdoor products:GTBZ16S,GTBZ16A,JCPT1523RT,all of which use diesel engine and have a very excellent operating performance;2 Electric Scissor Lifts:JCPT9.5(Ⅰ),JCPT7.4(Ⅱ);AMWP20-6000 and other 3 Electric Aluminium Work Platform;Aerial Order Picker and Mast Climbing Work Platform ect.All these 16 products caused clients' great interests,the exhibition was not even sufficed,many clients wanted to experience the operating by themselves.On the exhibition,many clients had such questions:Do you imported these machines?Is your company a Joint Venture Company or Foreign Company? And almost everybody exclaimed"Really? It is so unbelievable that you can do these machines as good as imported!"when they got the negative answer.Inevitablely,the excellent quality also caused peers' jealousness,some wanted to take detailed photoes to reseach,which of course was rejected courteously.But the fact tells its own tale,we are now at the leading status and this helps us gained a much stronger competitiveness.The explosive developing speed also caused many professional institutions' attention,the access chairman of China Construction Machinery Association came to our exhibition hall and experienced our products himself.Tim Whiteman,the president of International Powered Access Federation(IPAF),also tried the Telescopic Boom Lifts together with other officials and the president of international magazine‘Access International’,they all appreciated our products highly.Our exhibition always presented such a busy scene:the sales are busy on answering old or potential clients questions about equipment performance,lead time and price,all the tables are fulled with clients all over the world.Seeing the scence,every dingli people was lighted up,and passed their pleasure to everyone through their smiling.
        Risks live with opportunity,failure exits with success.Through this exhibition,Dingli has turned to the leading domestic manufacturer of working platform by its excellent quality and series structure.But we also should understand that there is still a distance between we and the highest level overseas like Genie,JLG and Haulotte.Also the worldwide economy crisis is a challenge for our group and the development.However,No cross ,no crown!Being this special period,we shall be of one mind,pull together,and take attention of every detail to establish our Dingli brand.May we Dingli a more gorgeous future!